Intova’s Badass Holiday Gift Guide

Intova’s Badass Holiday Gift Guide

November 16, 2016

Here at Intova, the office is abuzz with the ensuing holidays. While some are buying last-minute plane tickets home, others are preparing to kick back and enjoy a relaxing, quiet holiday. Regardless of the way we spend our late-December, we all have one thing in common; we’re trying to figure out what would make a great gift to make anybody say ‘wow’!  While our vision is typically focused under or near the waves, we also keep an eye out for anything that looks badass (even if it is land-only). We’ve compiled a list for you of some items that are almost guaranteed to be a hit:

DUB Action Camera

Intova DUB Action Cam – $119.99

Now you knew this one would be in here, right? This is our newest camera, and it comes in at a killer price. With 1080p 30 fps video resolution and a 8MP photo sensor, you’re hooking your loved one up with a perfect point-and-shoot waterproof camera. If your loved one is a diver, rest assured as the DUB has a tough, floating housing that is rated to 200′ deep. With 3 different color options, you’re sure to find the perfect style to give your loved one a dose of DUB.



Pedco Ultrapod Grip – $24.99

Pedco has been making tripods and grips for sport cameras for years, and the Ultrapod Grip is a beefed-up version of a classic. Thanks to rubber grips on the legs and a PowerStrap mounting system, it allows for a steady, solid grip or platform on everything from a wet boat to a handrail. The 1/4″-20 thread in the ball and socket mount perfectly fits our line of cameras, and is a great gift to help your budding photographer step up their game. A rocking boat is no time for a selfie stick, mount that tripod and let ‘er rip! (Camera obviously not included)



Morakniv Gargberg Knife – $109.99

Morakniv has been making knives in Mora, Sweden for over 125 years, so you’re guaranteed to get a great blade with quality Swedish steel. The Garberg is definitely no exception to this! This one caught our eye as it’s Morakniv’s first full-tang blade which means it’s one of their most durable, badass knives. Thanks to a stainless steel blade that’s resistant to tarnish and easy to clean, the Garberg is an amazing all-around knife for life near the water or deep in the woods.



X2 Marine Grade Action Cam – $349.99

The X2 camera is our top-of-the-line action camera for all marine adventures. Whether pushing the limits of your depth record or sailing through stormy waters, the X2 provides quality imaging in a durable, waterproof package. With a built-in 150 lumen flash, 1080p 60fps video recording and 16 MP still image resolution, you can capture your moment IN ANY CONDITION. The X2 also has Wi-Fi capabilities through the Intova app, so you can upload your videos and images with ease. Don’t pass up on our best, most durable marine grade action camera!



UCO X-120R X-Act Fit Headlamp – $79.99

UCO, pronounced ‘you-ko’, has been making awesome lighting products since 1971. We chose this particular headlamp because it is incredibly comfortable and is rechargeable. Their X-Act Fit system combines the simplicity of your favorite snap-back hat with a micro-adjustment wheel to dial in the exact fit, you’ll practically forget it’s on.  The headlamps runs on a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that lasts up to 160 hours and has an output of 120 lumens, so it’s plenty bright for evening hikes or early-morning gear packing. This headlamp not only looks good (thanks to some serious detail work on the strap), but it’s also water-resistant and guaranteed to be a badass gift.



Esbit Titanium Pot – $69.99

The Esbit Titanium Pot is geared towards someone looking for a durable, lightweight cooking option. This pot weighs only 3.75 ounces, and can hold Esbit utensils, an Esbit stove and their solid fuel tables (sold separately). It also comes with a folding grip and a titanium lid. A really cool option for some beach camping or backcountry trekking if you’re going fast and light!



UCO Grilliput Quattro – $49.99

Speaking of beach camping, what about a packable option to grill your catch directly above the sand? UCO makes a grill called the Grilliput Quattro that is dishwasher safe and can grill food for up to 6 people. This is their burliest grill and lets you cook for the whole gang. Weighing in at just 2 pounds, this gift is a fantastic  option for someone looking to cook their fresh catch.



Intova Speargun Mount – $44.99

Capture the catch in first-person view with our Speargun Mount. The mount is designed to fit a speargun with a cylindrical shaft with a diameter between 1.1″ to 1.6″, and features a 1/4″20 mount to fit our whole camera line. This gift is definitely geared towards those who are looking for a badass mount to capture their best spearfishing moments. Just imagine filming the moment they hit the big one!



UCO Titan Stormproof Kit – $9.99

The Titan match is a windproof, waterproof match that will light in almost any condition. It can be submerged in water or buried in the ground after being lit, and it will STILL burn. The whole kit comes with 12 matches, a waterproof case, and 3 replacement strikers. This powerful match won  the Backpacker Magazine Editor’s Choice Award in 2015, and seems like a great stocking-stuffer for someone who needs to light a fire and just might get their matches wet!

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